Soundproofing & Noise Control Installation Services

With any soundproofing or noise control installation project, quality workmanship is key to minimizing unwanted noise in your office environment. Even the best soundproofing or noise reduction products require a proper installation to perform as they should, and this is a major reason why customers choose CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions for these assignments.

Our in-house installation team consists of acoustic experts who are highly experienced at solving noise-related issues in corporate offices, schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and other spaces. We will tailor our approach to your soundproofing or noise control installation based largely on your preferences and the nature of the problem you are looking to address.

Here are some examples of considerations that may go into your soundproofing or noise reduction installation, depending on what products you have installed:

  • Modular walls will be pre-engineered to include electrical and other connectivity so that the installation can be completed in a simple manner with none of the mess that comes with building walls using framing and drywall.
  • Acoustic panels will be affixed to walls in the ideal locations for reducing the noise issues you’re experiencing. We can arrange these panels in a stylish pattern with alternating colors and/or shapes to enhance the aesthetics of the room where they are used.
  • The speakers in a sound masking system will be strategically placed in a grid pattern – typically above a drop ceiling – based on the noise problem you’re looking to solve. For instance, if you want to prevent meetings from being overheard by employees who sit outside a conference room, a sound masking speaker would be placed near where those employees sit.

The best way to learn about how we will approach your soundproofing or noise reduction installation project is by contacting our team. We will gladly talk with you about the noise issues that are causing you problems and explain in greater detail how CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions can help.