State-of-the-Art Speech Privacy Systems for Businesses in Atlanta, GA & Surrounding Areas

Speech Privacy Systems Atlanta GAPeople need to be able to discuss sensitive matters in your workplace and have confidence that what is said is kept private. Whether you’re a manager speaking with an employee about their salary, or you’re holding a high-level executive meeting to plan your company’s long-term business strategy, you don’t want to have these conversations overheard by anyone who happens to be outside of the meeting room door. Especially in a workplace with space limitations, it may seem like there’s no practical solution to this problem, but you’ll be glad to know that speech privacy systems from CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions have addressed these issues for countless other businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond.

Sound Masking Explained

If you’re like many other people, you’ve likely never heard of a speech privacy system before. They operate on an innovative concept that may seem strange at first but is incredibly straightforward and effective once you become familiar with it. Speech privacy systems consist of a series of music-quality speakers that are strategically placed around an office, typically above a drop ceiling. These speakers, controlled by user-friendly software, will emit “unstructured” noise that basically sounds like air whooshing out of an AC vent or fan. Although the unstructured sound is barely recognizable, it will make it difficult to understand what is being said in nearby conversations, and this both protects the privacy of the people speaking and helps to prevent the listener from being distracted.

Sound Masking Systems from CWC

At CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, we install speech privacy systems made by top manufacturers such as Lencore and Speech Privacy, ensuring that you receive the finest sound masking equipment available. Our highly trained team will work closely with you to pair you with the ideal equipment, and then will handle all aspects of the installation and teach your team how to use the system.

For more information about our speech privacy systems and installation services, contact us today. We proudly serve a diverse variety of businesses in the Atlanta, GA, area.