Sound Masking Systems for Businesses in Athens, GA

Sound Masking Athens GAAre you concerned that private conversations are being overheard in your Athens, Georgia, workplace? Is the sound of some employees talking distracting others from their work? If so, you may feel helpless to resolve this problem — after all, you can’t exactly tell your employees to stop talking or reduce the number of people you have working in your office.

For issues such as these that may seem unsolvable, consider having a sound masking system installed by CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions. As their name implies, these systems “mask” the sound of nearby speech, rendering it unintelligible to people in adjacent areas. So, whether you’re discussing salary matters in a meeting room or someone is explaining a sensitive personal issue to their manager at their desk, a sound masking system can give you greater confidence that these private conversations are being kept private.

State-of-the-Art Technology from Leading Manufacturers

CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions sources its noise-control products exclusively from the industry’s most trusted brands. Made by Lencore and Speech Privacy, our sound masking systems stand out for being:

  • Effective – The quality of our equipment combined with the precision of our installation services will ensure that we meet all your speech privacy goals.
  • Customizable – We’ll calibrate your equipment on a custom basis for the layout of your workplace and the amount of noise you need to cover.
  • Versatile – Your new sound masking equipment can also serve as a music and paging system, giving you access to added functionality and sparing you from needing to purchase additional technology for those purposes.

Ready to put your speech privacy concerns in the past? Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today to learn more about the sound masking systems we offer in the Athens, GA, area.