The Benefits of Sound Masking Systems from CWC Interior Acoustic Solutions

Sound masking systems may be necessary in offices where absorbing or blocking noise isn’t a viable option. These systems consist of music-quality speakers mounted in a grid pattern above ceiling tiles to release unstructured sound that makes speech unintelligible, preventing it from distracting other people in the workplace and keeping conversations private.

At CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, we install state-of-the-art sound masking systems made by leading manufacturers. We can outfit your workplace with a system that:

  • Automatically adjusts to the level of noise that needs to be covered, ensuring ideal operation at all times without requiring you to manipulate any settings
  • Comes with user-friendly software that makes it easy to control the system and maximize the benefit you receive from it
  • Can also serve as a music/paging system, making the purchase valuable in a variety of ways

The system you receive from CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions will be specially configured for your exact needs. We will help you evaluate a variety of factors, such as the nature of the noise you are looking to cover, before recommending a system for your workplace and handling all aspects of the installation required to get your system up and running.

Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today to speak with one of our acoustics experts about whether a sound masking system is right for your place of business or any of our other turnkey acoustic solutions.