Carpet Tiles Can Help Reduce Noise Problems in Your Atlanta, GA, Workplace

Carpet Tiles Atlanta GAWhen you select flooring for your Atlanta, Georgia, workplace, you’ll likely seek out options that look appealing, fit your budget, and hold up well over time. Understandably, you may not take into account the impact that your flooring will have on the acoustic quality of your work environment.

However, if you have hard flooring in your workplace and are currently dealing with problems related to excessive noise, then carpet tiles professionally installed by CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions can help the situation dramatically. Made by leading manufacturers Mohawk and Shaw, our carpet squares do an excellent job of absorbing sound in noisy workplaces, making it easier for the people working there to focus without distraction.

Additionally, carpet tiles provide the added benefit of allowing you to more easily keep your flooring looking attractive through the years. That’s because you can easily replace worn-down squares in hallways or other high-traffic areas without having to replace large sections of flooring as you would with commercial carpet installed by the roll.

We Offer Comprehensive Purchasing Assistance & Carpet Tile Installation Services

When you reach out to CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, you can have confidence that we’ll make the carpet tile acquisition process easy for you. Your free consultation will include a thorough assessment of your needs and presentation of the carpet squares that best fit your criteria.

Our extensive selection of colors, patterns, and styles ensures that you can create the exact look you want for your space. Once you’ve settled on a design, our highly trained technicians will remove your existing flooring and install your new commercial carpeting in accordance with industry-recognized best practices.

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