Professionally Installed Movable Walls for St. Petersburg, FL, Businesses

Movable Walls St. Petersburg FLIt’s no wonder why CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions’ movable walls are so popular among businesses in St. Petersburg, Florida, and beyond. Made by renowned manufacturers such as Maars, the walls boast incredible style and functionality in addition to allowing you to reconfigure your workplace layout as desired through the years. In these ways and more, the walls clearly represent the future of workplace design.

The Many Benefits of Movable Partition Walls

Our modular walls were created as an all-around superior alternative to traditional construction. Compared with conventional walls made of drywall and metal or wood studs, our movable walls offer greater:


Our team will install your pre-built, pre-wired modular walls in a quick and efficient manner. If you later decide that you would like to change the layout of your workplace, we can remove the demountable walls and install them in whatever new arrangement you want.

Noise Reduction

Excessive office noise causes problems for many businesses. Auditory distractions can hurt both employee productivity and job satisfaction. Fortunately, our movable partition walls are specially designed to prevent sound from passing through. We can use them to create private offices, conference rooms, or other spaces where people can focus fully on the work at hand.


Extensive customization allows you to make your new office walls truly yours. You’ll have the opportunity to select from glass or steel office walls, swinging or sliding doors, and numerous functional enhancements.

Do you value flexibility as a business owner or office manager? If so, then you’re going to love having our movable walls in your St. Petersburg, FL, workplace. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about our services.