Add Modular Walls to Your Tallahassee, FL, Workplace

Modular Walls Tallahassee FLWhen noise levels rise too high in your Tallahassee, Florida, office, you have a variety of options for bringing them under control. In some instances, you can minimize bothersome noise through the use of acoustic panels, or you can prevent speech from causing distractions by having a sound masking system installed. However, in many cases the best solution is the most straightforward one: to shield work areas from excessive noise through the installation of modular walls.

At CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, a division of CWC Office Furnishings dedicated exclusively to workplace noise reduction, we regularly utilize modular walls in our projects. Made by leading manufacturers such as Maars, our walls stand out for their:

Effective Noise Reduction

Specially designed to prevent noise from passing through, our walls do an excellent job of creating designated quiet spaces where people can have private conversations or focus on their most intensive work without distraction.

Extensive Customization

Our wide selection of modular walls enables you to select a product that looks and functions just the way you want. From planning the style of the walls to having power and data ports placed exactly where you need them, you’ll receive noise-reducing walls that satisfy your needs down to the smallest details.

Hassle-Free Installation

Because they are pre-built and pre-wired, our modular walls spare you the mess that comes with having traditional drywall installed. This way, you can upgrade your space without creating a major disruption to your day-to-day operations.


Maybe you decide to expand your business. Maybe industry changes force you to alter your company’s workflow. No matter the reason why you would want to reconfigure your workplace, you can rest assured that modular walls make it possible. We can remove your walls at any point in the future and reinstall them in the way that makes the most sense for your current needs.

Your ideal noise control solution is just a phone call away. Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions to learn more about the modular walls we offer in the Tallahassee, FL, area.