Modular Walls Are an Effective Noise-Control Solution for Businesses in Miami, FL

Modular Walls Miami FLHas the noise in your workplace risen to problematic levels? If so, you can prevent the distractions this causes by having CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions install modular walls in your Miami, Florida, workplace.

We source our demountable office walls from leading manufacturers such as Maars, which tests all of its products in certified laboratories in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards. As a result, our walls boast remarkable noise-insulation ratings and can help your employees more easily focus on their work, improving your company’s bottom line as a result.

Customize the Appearance & Functionality of Your Modular Walls

In addition to benefiting from reduced noise transfer, businesses appreciate the many customization opportunities that our modular walls provide. You can choose between glass and steel walls, depending on the look you want to create and the level of privacy you need in your Miami, FL, workplace.

Furthermore, a range of optional features can give your demountable walls far greater functionality than traditional construction would provide. These features include:

  • Touch controls
  • Privacy glass
  • Integrated blinds
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Integrated digital prints
  • Storage cabinets
  • Magnetic accessories

Learn More About Our Modular Walls & Installation Process

Want to determine if modular walls make sense for your workplace? Contact CWC Office Furnishings and schedule a free consultation. We’ll speak with you about your needs and provide you with any information you require about the modular walls or other office soundproofing products we install in Miami, FL.