Maars Modular Walls Provide Effective Noise Reduction

Maars Modular WallsThe modular walls that you select for your workplace will need to serve many important purposes. They will play a large part in determining the look and function of your space, as well as helping to keep excessive noise under control. So, you don’t want to select just any demountable walls from just any dealership. To receive modular walls that will earn your complete satisfaction, choose Maars modular walls professionally installed by CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions.

Tested in certified laboratories according to ISO and ASTM standards, Maars modular walls do an excellent job of preventing noise from passing through. You can use them to keep noise from escaping conference rooms or private offices, or create designated “quiet spaces” that are shielded from the noise generated in adjacent areas.

What’s more, Maars modular walls stand out for their extensive customization options. Working with the CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions team, you’ll get to select from the following design choices to plan walls that suit all of your functional and aesthetic requirements:

Wall Materials

Maars modular walls are available in a range of materials, which each offer distinct advantages. For example, glass walls ensure a feeling of spaciousness and help people feel connected, while steel walls offer an ultra-contemporary aesthetic and complete privacy.

Door Styles

You can choose between sliding doors and standard inward-opening doors. Certain doors feature special acoustical seals that help maximize their noise insulation.

Special Features

Optional wall features allow you to personalize your space for the way that your team intends to use it. Your options include:

  • Integrated media screens
  • Touch controls for lighting, temperature, and multimedia presentations
  • Built-in blinds
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Storage cabinets
  • Magnetic accessories

For More Information

Want to determine how your business can benefit from having Maars modular walls installed? Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, your local Maars dealer. We proudly serve businesses throughout the southeastern United States.