The Benefits of Adding Demountable Walls to Your Birmingham, AL, Office

Demountable Walls Birmingham ALModular walls are a proven solution for businesses looking to reduce noise levels within their offices. These walls do an excellent job of blocking sound, preventing it from spreading into other spaces. They also offer the benefit of being demountable so that you can adapt the layout of your Birmingham, Alabama, office as needed over the years. You can simply remove the demountable walls and reinstall them elsewhere without the mess that ordinary construction methods entail.

Why Choose CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions?

As a division of CWC Office Furnishings, a leading office furniture dealership that was founded in 1929, CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions is backed by tremendous expertise. Since we focus exclusively on helping businesses overcome noise-related challenges, we have highly specialized knowledge that results in superior outcomes for our customers. With us, you can count on receiving:

  • Demountable walls made by the industry’s most respected manufacturers, including Maars, KI, and NxtWall
  • Installation services performed by true acoustic experts who will work meticulously to achieve your noise-reduction goals
  • Access to other noise reduction solutions that may be needed, including acoustic panels, acoustic ceilings, and sound masking systems

Speak with Our Team

We’re ready to help you evaluate the noise issues in your workplace and come up with an effective solution. Contact us today to learn more about the demountable walls and other innovative products we offer for businesses in the Birmingham, AL, area.