Reduce Office Noise With Modular Walls From CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions

Modular WallsIn open office areas where excessive noise is an issue, modular walls can create spaces where people can work free from distraction. The appeal of these demountable walls is that they can be installed wherever you want – without the mess that comes with building traditional walls – and then can be reconfigured over time as your needs change.

At CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, we offer modular walls from several leading manufacturers such as Maars, with options that include:

  • Wall styles made largely of glass, allowing you to shield a work area from distracting noise while still maintaining a sense of connectedness in your office
  • Door options ranging from sliding doors to pivot doors and butt-hinge doors
  • Wall styles that vary in appearance on each side, so you can create a unique aesthetic in each room in your office
  • Pre-wired data and power connectivity, with outlets placed where you want them
  • Numerous other optional features, such as built-in LED screens and horizontal support for hanging cabinets and shelves

Our modular walls are well-suited for corporate offices, healthcare facilities, government buildings, retail centers, and other spaces. To learn more about the wide range of turnkey possibilities that are available for your workplace, contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today.