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Macon GA Office SoundproofingSince 1929, businesses in Macon, Georgia, have relied on CWC Office Furnishings for the finest workplace solutions. Now they turn to CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions for help reducing distractions caused by excessive office noise.

From our location at 3120 Mercer University Drive, we provide proven solutions to businesses throughout the area. Our modular walls, acoustic panels, sound-masking systems, carpet tiles, and other products can significantly reduce office noise levels, creating a far more pleasant work environment for you and your employees.

What Office Soundproofing Products Make Sense for Your Business?

When looking to reduce office noise, it’s important to keep in mind that there isn’t one cookie-cutter solution that will work in all cases. Factors such as the materials found in your workplace (concrete, brick, glass, metal, and wood create the greatest difficulty) and the layout of your space will determine what office soundproofing products we recommend.

Furthermore, we’ll commonly utilize more than one office noise reduction product for a given project since the products work in different ways to accomplish a similar goal. Office soundproofing options that we commonly install include:

Modular Walls

It seems obvious to say, but one of the most effective ways to prevent sound from traveling between spaces is to install walls that will block the sound. CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions offers modular walls sourced from leading manufacturers, such as Maars, that boast excellent noise insulation.

We can install these glass or steel office walls to create new conference rooms, private offices, or designated “quiet spaces” — or we can install them to divide up large work areas where noise levels commonly exceed the desired volume. These soundproof walls install with ease, sparing you the hassles involved with ordinary construction, and they are demountable, meaning that you can have them removed and reinstalled in a different configuration, if desired in the future.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic wall panels are a tried-and-true solution for office soundproofing. They work especially well in spaces that lack soft surfaces to absorb sound.

The panels, which are commonly made of materials such as fiberglass wrapped in fabric, will absorb sound rather than allowing it to simply reverberate throughout your Macon, GA, workplace. The sound-absorbing panels can both reduce overall noise levels and improve speech clarity, freeing people from distractions and allowing them to more easily understand one another in conversation.

Sound-Masking Systems

When people can overhear nearby conversations in your workplace, it’s more than just an annoyance — it can also result in serious privacy concerns. Your executives need to be able to discuss high-level strategy, and your managers need to be able to speak with their employees about sensitive topics, without fear that private information is being heard by others.

Our sound-masking equipment — sourced from industry-leading manufacturers Lencore and Speech Privacy — can solve these problems by releasing unstructured sound that renders speech unintelligible outside meeting rooms and other areas. As with all of our office soundproofing products, we offer comprehensive sound-masking system installation services to get your system up and running.

Carpet Tiles

Although hard flooring may look appealing, it can contribute to excessive noise levels. Our carpet squares made by brands such as Mohawk and Shaw offer far better office acoustics than hard flooring.

What’s more, our carpet tiles stand out for providing an array of design options and enabling you to replace worn areas as needed over the years, rather than having to replace the entire carpet. This way, you can keep your commercial carpet looking its best at all times.

Let’s find the ideal solution for reducing noise levels in your workplace. Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, the premier office soundproofing company offering demountable walls, acoustical wall panels, sound-masking systems, and noise-reducing flooring in Macon, GA.