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Columbus GA Office SoundproofingBusiness throughout Columbus, Georgia, and beyond are contending with the problem of excessive office noise. Contributed to by open-style layouts, hard surfaces, and space limitations, high noise levels can take a major toll on the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees. You may be feeling that distracting noise is simply a nuisance that you have to accept — however, that’s not the case thanks to the noise-reducing modular walls, acoustic panels, sound-masking systems, and carpet tile offered by CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions.

Proven Solutions for Office Soundproofing

CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions is a division of CWC Office Furnishings dedicated exclusively to helping businesses with office noise reduction. We offer custom-tailored office soundproofing solutions to the businesses we serve in the Columbus, GA, area, providing our recommendations based on factors such as the type of noise that needs to be reduced, the layout of the office, and the aesthetic preferences of the client. The office soundproofing methods that we commonly utilize include:

Blocking Noise with Modular Walls

Installing modular walls is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent noise from bothering the people who are working in adjacent spaces. If you want to maintain a feeling of connectivity, we can install glass office walls in your Columbus, GA, workplace — or, for a greater degree of privacy, you can opt for our steel office walls instead.

These demountable walls are pre-built and pre-wired to ensure a hassle-free installation performed by our experienced team. And, since they are movable walls, they can be removed and reconfigured as desired through the years.

Absorbing Noise with Acoustic Panels

Sound-absorbing panels are a tried-and-true option for office noise reduction. Typically made of fiberglass wrapped in fabric, acoustic panels do an excellent job of helping to absorb sound in spaces that otherwise consist mostly of hard surfaces such as concrete, glass, brick, or wood.

As an office soundproofing company that places a heavy emphasis on providing aesthetic appealing solutions, we’ll also work closely with you to plan a customized appearance for your noise-reducing panels, giving you many options in colors, patterns, and images.

Covering Noise with Sound-Masking Systems

Your business depends on speech privacy to keep sensitive information out of curious ears. Whether your executives are having a high-level strategy meeting or a manager is speaking one-on-one with an employee about a personal issue, these matters should remain private.

A sound-masking system installed by CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions can provide reliable speech privacy throughout your Columbus, GA, workplace. The equipment will release unstructured sound that makes it difficult to understand speech coming from adjacent areas, keeping sensitive information secure and also protecting workers from distraction.

Dampening Noise with Carpet Tile

In many loud workplaces, hard flooring contributes to noise problems. CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions can address this issue with noise-reducing carpet tile.

Made by respected brands Mohawk, Shaw, and Interface, these carpet squares do an excellent job of reducing noise levels and also come in many attractive designs to suit your tastes. Furthermore, the carpet tiles allow for easy replacement of worn areas since you will only ever need to replace faded squares and not the entire carpet.

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