Businesses in Atlanta, GA, Turn to CWC for Noise-Reducing Modular Walls, Acoustic Panels, Sound-Masking Systems & Carpet Tile

Atlanta GA Office SoundproofingOver the years, countless business owners in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond have told the CWC Office Furnishings team about their problems with excessive office noise. As a result, we’ve founded CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions, a division dedicated exclusively to eliminating noise-related challenges using modular walls, acoustic panels, sound-masking systems, carpet tile, and other proven solutions.

Modular Walls

When your goal is to prevent sound from traveling from one space into another, noise-reducing demountable walls are commonly the most sensible solution available. We source our modular wall systems from renowned manufacturers such as Maars, a company that offers both glass office walls and steel office walls that are highly rated for office noise reduction. And not only do our movable walls provide excellent office soundproofing, they also have incredibly stylish designs that can make your workplace look more appealing to your employees and clients alike.

Our experienced team also offers comprehensive modular wall installation services, providing our clients in the Atlanta area with convenient, start-to-finish assistance.

Acoustic Panels

Sound-absorbing panels can make a significant difference in improving the acoustic quality of a space, especially in workplaces that mostly feature hard surfaces such as concrete, glass, brick, or wood. The acoustic panels will absorb sound rather than allowing it to reverberate, and this will not only lower the overall volume in a space, it can also make it easier for people to understand each other in conversation since the overall acoustic quality of the space will be clearer.

CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions offers soundproofing panels in a variety of sizes and designs, as well as acoustic ceiling tiles that work in conjunction with wall panels to help reduce noise levels within a space and prevent noise from traveling between rooms.

Sound-Masking Systems

Are people able to overhear sensitive conversations that are taking place in your Atlanta, GA, workplace? Then a sound-masking system is likely the perfect solution for your speech privacy concerns.

A sound-masking system features music-quality speakers placed at the locations in your office where you’re wanting to prevent people from overhearing nearby conversations. The sound-masking equipment will release unstructured noise that sounds similar to a fan running, and this will help keep what’s said in your meeting rooms private.

CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions proudly offers sound-masking systems made by innovative manufacturers Lencore and Speech Privacy. These systems feature a variety of useful functions, including automatic volume adjustments that will keep your system always providing the ideal level of coverage without any manual adjustments required.

Carpet Tiles

Office soundproofing solutions such as modular walls, acoustic panels, and sound-masking systems prove effective in many situations. However, there are sometimes when the most sensible approach is to install noise-reducing carpet tiles over existing hard flooring.

These commercial carpet squares can greatly reduce the amount of noise reverberation in your Atlanta workplace. Plus, you’ll have an expansive selection of colors and patterns to choose from. And if the soundproofing carpet ever becomes worn in certain high-traffic areas, you can simply replace the specific tiles that need it, instead of replacing all of your office flooring.

CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions offers carpet tiles from Interface, Mohawk, and Shaw, ensuring that you’ll have many excellent options for your corporate office, school, healthcare center, or government building.

Visit Our Showroom in Atlanta

For more information about our modular walls, acoustic panels, sound-masking systems, or carpet tile, simply give us a call. You can also meet with our office soundproofing experts in person at our expansive showroom located at 4343 Northeast Expressway in Atlanta, GA. We look forward to working with you to create a more acoustically pleasant business environment for you and your team!