How Can I Reduce Noise in My Workplace?

How Can I Reduce Noise in My Workplace?In the modern workplace, there are many instances when excessive noise may seem unavoidable. For example, some of your employees may need to speak on the phone with clients throughout the day, in which case there’s a good chance that other people sitting nearby will be distracted by those conversations.

When you notice that your employees’ productivity or morale is suffering as a result of auditory distractions, you’ll undoubtedly wonder how you can reduce noise in your workplace. The answer to that question depends on several factors, such as the layout of your space, the number of employees you have working there, and the type of work that you perform. Your available solutions include modular walls, acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceilings, sound masking systems, and noise-absorbing carpet.

Deciding What Noise-Control Solution Will Work Best for You

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for reducing workplace noise. You’ll need to use a highly customized product—or likely a combination of products—to achieve your desired goals. Time-tested solutions that you might choose to incorporate include:

Blocking Sound With Modular Walls

Want to prevent noise from traveling from one space into another? Erecting noise-insulated modular walls is one of the simplest and most effective ways to block the noise.

Made of specially designed glass or steel, these walls are perfect for creating private offices or conference rooms where people can focus without distraction. Modular walls are also a popular choice because of their stylish appearance, optional functional enhancements, and demountable design.

Absorbing Sound With Acoustic Panels

Hard materials such as brick, concrete, and glass look amazing, but they can contribute to excessive workplace noise. Acoustic wall panels seek to remedy this problem by absorbing sound to reduce the overall noise level in your space.

Typically made of foam wrapped in fabric, the panels do an excellent job of absorbing sound when strategically installed where you’re looking to reduce noise. You may also find it worthwhile to have an acoustic ceiling installed to lower the noise level in a room and prevent sound from traveling into adjacent spaces.

Ensuring Speech Privacy With a Sound Masking System

If you want to prevent sensitive conversations from being overheard outside conference rooms or private offices, then consider the benefits a sound masking system would provide. The system’s speakers will emit unstructured sound that makes it difficult for people to understand nearby speech.

While this may sound like futuristic technology, the systems are remarkably easy to operate. In fact, many of them provide automatic coverage based on the noise level in your space, preventing you from having to manually adjust the equipment.

Preventing Sound Reverberation With Carpet Flooring

Hard flooring and noise problems go hand in hand. By having sound-absorbing carpet installed, you can create a far more acoustically pleasant work environment for yourself and your employees.

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