Carpet Tiles Can Help Create a More Pleasant Acoustic Environment in Your Athens, GA, Workplace

Carpet Tiles Athens GAIf your office often becomes so noisy that it’s difficult for people to focus on their work, then one option to consider is to introduce more soft surfaces that can absorb this sound. For example, if you currently have hard flooring in your Athens, Georgia, workplace, then you likely could reduce noise levels a significant amount by having carpet installed.

At CWC Acoustic Interiors, we offer professional installations of carpet tiles made by leading manufacturers Mohawk and Shaw. In addition to having the visual appeal and durability that you want, the carpet squares that we install can also greatly reduce excessive noise in spaces lacking soft surfaces.

Extensive Carpet Tile Design Options

With CWC Acoustic Interiors, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for effective noise reduction. Our carpet tiles come in an array of stunning styles and colors, which you can mix and match as you please to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Do you want your flooring to enhance the character of your space and indicate that your company embraces the cutting edge? Or would you prefer something more traditional? Either way, our dedicated team can provide the support and guidance needed to make your vision a reality.

Easy Replacement of Worn Sections

Even the finest carpet will wear down over time. Areas of your office such as hallways receive a large amount of foot traffic, which degrades the flooring and makes it look worn compared with the carpet in other areas.

With carpet installed by the roll, you would have you to replace whole sections of your flooring just to address these relatively small areas of wear. In contrast, carpet tiles let you replace only the areas that need it, making it easier for you to keep your flooring attractive and saving you the money that would go toward large-scale replacement.

For More Information

Interested in determining whether noise-reducing carpet tiles would make sense for your Athens, GA, workplace? Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today for a free consultation. We’ll tell you more about our company, products, and installation services, and provide you with a price quote on any options you’re considering.