Turnkey Acoustic Solutions for Reducing Unwanted Office Noise

Acoustic SolutionsThere are a wide variety of acoustic solutions available to help minimize the distraction of excessive office noise. If your employees are having difficulty concentrating or you have privacy concerns due to the acoustics in your office, schedule a consultation with CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions to discuss the proven methods we utilize to address these issues.

Based on the nature of the problem you’re experiencing, we may recommend reducing office noise by using one or more of these solutions:

  • Modular walls that enable you to section off areas of your workplace without the hassles that come with having traditional walls built
  • Acoustic panels that attach to your walls and absorb sound to deaden problematic office noise
  • Quiet spaces that give employees a private place where they can complete their work away from the commotion of shared work areas
  • Sound masking systems that render speech noise unintelligible, freeing employees from distraction and ensuring conversations are kept private

In order to meet all of your acoustic-related needs, we also offer mass notification systems and paging/music systems, which help you communicate messages to people within your facility in an effective manner.

For more information about the many products we offer for minimizing auditory distractions in the workplace, or to inquire about our notification systems, contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today.