Sound Absorbing Panels for Workplaces in Atlanta, GA

Sound Absorbing Panels Atlanta GAAcoustic panels from CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions are a tried-and-true answer to the problem of excessive office noise. These sound absorbing panels, which typically consist of fiberglass wrapped in fabric, will reduce the extent to which noise reverberates throughout your Atlanta, Georgia, workplace. The end result will be overall lower noise levels and greater speech clarity, making your space a more acoustically pleasant work environment.

Customization Options

Sound absorbing panels come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and we’ll recommend the ideal configuration of them based on your noise control needs. Our extensive selection of available colors and patterns will enable you to select acoustic panels that match your company’s signature colors, or we can have custom imagery printed on them so they double as artwork.

Turnkey Installation

While acoustic panels operate on a fairly simple concept — absorbing sound rather than allowing it to reverberate — more thought must go into installing them than simply hanging them in a noisy area. Our highly trained team will carefully evaluate your workplace and install your sound absorbing panels in the manner that maximizes their effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

Comprehensive Solutions

In some cases, acoustic panels must be utilized in conjunction with other noise control products to achieve the desired results. CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions also has in-depth experience installing:

  • Modular walls
  • Sound masking systems
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Noise-reducing floors

Interested in learning more about your options? Contact CWC Acoustic Interior Solutions today to receive a free consultation regarding the sound absorbing panels and related products we offer in Atlanta, GA.